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Top 15 Happy Parshuram Jayanti 2 Line Whatsapp FB Status Updates DPs Hindi

Download the Top 15 Best Parshuram Jayanti 2 Line Whatsapp FB Status Updates DPs Hindi For Free : The Parashuram Jayanti is falling on 28th April 2017 and to celebrate this day we have here provided to you a collection best Happy Parashuram Jayanti 2017 sms wishes quotes in Hindi and some facebook & whatsapp DP photos for your profile pic. All stuffs in this collection is provided for free here. So check them all out here to celebrate the Parshurama Jayanti.

Parshurama Jayanti 2 Line Whatsapp Facebook Message Status In Hindi 2017

Parashurama real name was Bhargava Rama. The birth anniversary of god Parshuram is celebrated as Parshuram jayanti. It is celebrated every year and falls on different time of the year. Parshuram was the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu and it is believed that lord Vishnu took this Avatar to to relieve the Earth's burden by exterminating the sinful, destructive and irreligious monarchs that pillaged its resources and neglected their duties as kings.

Not only this according to Hindu Belief, Parshuram is is immortal and he still lives on the earth.He is worshipped male ancestral founder by some people of different communities like brahmins.As Bhargava is immortal that is why he is not worshiped like Rama & Krishna. Now check below the collection of Top 15 Parshuram Jayanti 2017-18 sms wishes whatsapp facebook status updates wishes in Hindi & FB Whatsapp Profile Display Pictures DPs for free.

परशुराम जयंती की बधाई SMS Messages Wishes In Hindi 1 Lines Status

Parshuram Hai Parteek Praakram Kaa
Ram Hai Praya Satya Sanaatan Ka
Iss Parkaar Parshuram Ka Arth Hai
Praakram Ke Kaarak Ore Satyaa Ke Dhaarak!

Aao Sab Manaye Parshuram Jayanti…
Lekar Parbu Ka Naam Kare Gungan..
Maange Aashish Parmeshwar Se
Jap Kar Unka Naam..Jai Parshuram


Parshuram Chap Shar Kar Main Raaje,
Brahmsutra Gal Maal Viraaje,
Mangalmay Shubh Chhavi Lalaam Ki,
Aarti Ki Shri Parshu Ram Ki!

शस्त्र और शास्त्र दोनों ही हैं उपयोगी,
यही पाठ सिखा गए हैं हमें योगी !
भगवान् परशुराम जयंती की बधाई

Guru hai wo karan ke…
Antar jane aanant or maran ke..
Naman karta sara Sansar jise..
bane jal b amrit unke charan ke..
Happy Parshuram Jayanti

You may use these Happy Parshuram Jayanti Whatsapp FB 2 Lines as your Status update and can also send it to your friends on Parshurama Jayanti. Download the best Pictures for Facebook & Whatsapp DPs on Parshurama Jayanti here.

We will soon update this page with some more sms wishes & Whatsapp status for the Parshurama Jayanti 2017-18 and will try to post it in Tamil Telugu language also. Comment below if you want some more of such wishes for Shri Parshurama Jayanti and we will update this post with it.

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